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  • Why does the app only works on iPads?

    It is a recurring question, stability and quality are the main reasons. We do not want to say that the other platforms are not good, only that as a company we decided to go with the iPad and the structure iOS to ensure the best results. There are hundreds of different tablets on the market, all unique and with different features, it is not possible to standardize the code for all models. we had to make a choice.

  • Can the application be customized to the colors of our company?

    Certainly yes. As you may have noticed on our site, several companies already use our application in their business. We can add your Logo, and arrange the color to match your brand, write us and we will be happy to answer your questions about it. Apple with its B2B program facilitates access to applications through their custom App Store.

  • Is access to Wi-Fi necessary with your application?

    No, Façade was designed considering the fact that several companies are still going to their customers home to evaluate the work to be done. Once downloaded, the application contains all that is necessary for its proper functioning.