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Here are the products and options included in the App.

Now includes the Novatech Door Glass inserts.

Front doors, patio doors, garage doors, casement windows, sash, sliders and contemporary windows


Add colours, grids and separators, change the background


Your projects at your fingertips

Keep track of all your projects, easily find and show potential clients past designs created with the app. 



Customization for Manufacturers and Dealers

This new Windows and Doors visualiser Tool is especially made for the Windows and Doors Replacement industry. It offers the possibility to view, in a virtual way how a replacement of Windows and Doors will look like. It saves time and facilitate decision making when choosing the type, style and color of new windows and doors to be replaced.

The perfect tool

The Application is the ultimate tool when it comes to Customer Experience in the Windows and Doors replacement business. To most of us it has become second nature to use Apps in everything we do, potential clients aren’t any different,  they would prefer to see a final render before they decide to buy, to more and more clients it has become a necessity, if you can’t provide it, they might look elsewhere and you obviously will loose a lot of contracts.

Mobile App

Unlike computer or laptop Software, Applications are the modern approach to computing, they can be used anywhere without a connection and are much more user friendly.  Mobility is an advantage when it comes to direct selling, the App is self contained, it doesn’t need an internet connection to work so it is possible for a salesperson to show a design on the spot directly at the customer’s place.

Be seen

Get your Mark on front of your potential client’s eyes while they are focused and exited about creating a new design for their home.

Control how Dealers and Distributors sell your products, get the App with your Logo and colours in their hands and see your sales grow.

Lower expenses

Deliver PDF Catalogues directly to your clients e-mail address, save money on printing, storage and transport, become more eco-friendly.

Sell faster

In the sales point of view, if the App is used in the selling process it will eliminate a lot of objections as far as colour and design at the end of the process, less objections will have to be addressed before the sale is concluded.

Sell more options and bring up your contracts value.

For most clients, it’s not easy to imagine how Grids, Separators, Colors would look like on their house if it’s not on there already, Now with the Façade App it is possible and real easy to provide potential customer a real close to life render of their home with new color and options on their windows and doors.  It goes without saying that because of that, again once the App is used in the selling process it will result in a rise in contract final cost, it could go from 5% to as much as 30% of Upsell possible  just because the client can now see for himself how these options will look like on their house.

Advantage in using the App

iPad App

Easy to use, High resolution and mobile

Create Reports

Print Reports, like quotes and estimations

Unlimited number of projects

Propose many Design alternatives and colours

You are a Manufacturer, a Dealer, or a Distributor and you would like to try the Façade Application.

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